Five tips to bring Scandinavian interior design into your home

The demand for Scandinavian interior design, a blend of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian creativity, is back. Many homeowners are now looking to incorporate this stylish, timeless design in their homes. Here are five tips for creating a Scandinavian interior.

Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

The Scandinavian design is all about style and elegance. Using wood as the primary material for the floor, walls, and ceiling is essential. The wood gives the interior a classic natural look. Light woods such as ash, pine, and beech are most used for brightness.


Scandinavian furniture pieces are usually crafted using hardwood. So, to adapt a purely Scandinavian interior decoration for your home, incorporate modern sofas with slender wooden legs carved into perfection. You can also have natural wooden beds and nightstands. Make sure you have very minimal furniture. Since the highlight of Scandinavian design is do away with any clutter and feel the space.

Colors and Fabric

Scandinavian color combinations are mostly pastel hues of light blue, beige, white, cream, and other light colors. In some cases, bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, and green can be mixed with the pastel shades for contrast.

The typical fabric used in designing most Scandinavian interiors is cotton or linen. So, your curtains, cushions, and throw pillows can be either cotton or linen with stripes or checkered pattern. Floral patterns can also be used to complement the Scandinavian look.

Lighting and Accessories

In Scandinavian interior decor, lighting is a crucial aspect. Since there isn’t much sun in Scandinavia, the home decoration is supposed to be bright. You can brighten the spaces with chandeliers, lamps, and mirrors. Mirrors create the illusion of more open space and reflect light. Wall sconces are also vital to your success with the Scandinavian look.

You should also make sure the house has as much natural light as possible. You can paint the walls white to illuminate the interior space and minimize window treatments to allow natural light in. Natural light makes rooms feel bigger and brighter.

Add Plants

Scandinavians appreciate nature a lot. This is because the Scandinavian countries had very little natural resources. So, incorporate plants, flowers, and other botanicals into your interiors. This will not only beautify your home but will make it feel like you can breathe easier.

To easily achieve the Scandinavian look, lean towards a bright, spacious, airy style. This will make your home feel warm and inviting.

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Clever Ideas to Revamp a Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers for your bedroom or living room is a useful piece of furniture and should be upgraded periodically to catch up with the modern lifestyle. Buying new furniture can be costly, but you can save your money by renovating your furniture item and breathe new life into antique furniture.

You can apply our clever tips to help you give new life to your old furniture item.

Apply new paint

Paint is an easy DIY activity that you can do comfortably at home to express your style and creativity. You can use a solid color or a stencil to communicate your style through art. There are endless design ideas that you craft with a coat of paint.

Update furniture hardware

Hardware gives life to furniture, cabinets and doors. You can make a simple chest upgrade by changing or installing new knobs and handles. Installing new hardware components is a clever way to revamp a chest in case you don’t prefer to paint it or renovate it in any other way.

Consider appliqués and architectural details

Contemplate introducing some clever architectural details such as wood appliqués or molding. You may consider applying the same paint to correspond with the color of the chest for a skillful look. You can also use a contrasting shade to make them stand out.

Ensure to sand the space where you want to attach the appliqués and then add them using either a silicone adhesive or wood glue.

French polish can do wonders

If your chest is made using a fine wood grain, you can upgrade it by applying a French polish to make it look more elegant. Your chest of drawers( will have a nice gloss finish and make it look luxurious. Take note that, French polishes highly sensitive to damage and the chest should be placed in less traffic space in your house such as the bedroom.

This idea is time-consuming and it’s advisable to involve a professional.

Create a dog food station

What a better way to reward man’s best friend that creating a special food station for the? You can revamp your chest of drawers with your pet in mind. Renovate an old chest cabinet into a dog-food station. You can partition the drawers to create compartments for holding the bowls and dog food containers.

This idea is a clever way to express your love for your pet.

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